Conveyor belt, as an important automation equipment in modern industry, can save labor costs and improve the efficiency of factory production, but at the same time there will be problems of one kind or another. Some old users of conveying equipment should know that conveyor belts After a period of time when the new line is used, the length will increase to a certain extent. Do you know whether the longer conveyor belt will return to its original state?

In fact, old users already know what the answer to this question is, but users who have not used it before will be very confused about it. Although the materials that make up the conveyor belt generally have a certain degree of elasticity, there will be some shrinkage after long-term use and become longer, but the retracted length is far less than the extended length, and some have no elasticity at all The conveyor belt will not retract at all after being stretched for a long time.

After the conveyor belt becomes longer, it will seriously affect the production. In the light of the case, it will cause the belt to slip. In severe cases, it will also cause the belt to run off. The high-quality conveyor belt will not have too much extension and length. Try to choose high-quality conveyor belts, so as not only to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belts for a long time, but also not to affect the efficiency of production due to belt damage. Generally speaking, the service life of the conveyor belt is about two to three years, and good maintenance can increase the service life. Therefore, choosing a good conveyor belt has advantages and no harm, not only in terms of cost, but also far better than inferior belts in terms of revenue.