Steel cord conveyor belt is suitable for high-strength, long-distance, heavy-load material transportation, and is widely used in coal mines, mining, ports, metallurgy, electric power, chemical and other industries.

Since Orientflex’s establishment over ten years ago, steel cord conveyor belts have always been a major advantage of our company. Why do our old customers insist on becoming our repeat customers? The reasons are mainly the following aspects:

1. High tensile strength: The belt is suitable for transporting materials with large spans and long distances.

2. Small elongation in use: The belt only needs a short winding stroke distance.

3. Small diameter of the drive pulley: The carcass has a layer of longitudinally arranged steel cords as the skeleton, so it is resistant to bending fatigue. Therefore, smaller diameter drive pulleys can be used to make the equipment smaller.

4. High adhesion between rubber and steel cord: The surface of steel cord is coated with zinc, and the rubber used also has good adhesion with steel cord. Therefore, the rubber adheres tightly to the steel cord, and is impact-resistant and not easy to fall off, so the rubber belt has a long service life.

5. Tension of steel cords: In our advanced manufacturing technology, steel cords are arranged very uniformly and have the same tension, so the belt is well balanced in running and it is difficult to run deviation.

6. Good permeability: Since the belt body has no transverse skeleton, it is easy to come out from the deep groove, so the belt can load more materials and prevent the materials from escaping.

7. Check the belt with X-ray: The user can check the damage of the skeleton steel cord on the conveyor with X-ray to prevent accidents.

Of course, these are just some of the parts.

“Solving problems for customers” is a major concept that our company has always adhered to. For more than ten years, we have grown and created value together with customers, “win-win, co-creation, and co-progress”.

Now that you have found us, contact us and hope we can create a better 2022 together.