The belt conveyor equipment can run along a horizontal or inclined line. Generally, smooth rubber belts are used. Depending on the frictional resistance generated by the weight of the transported materials, the belts carry the animal materials together, so the working inclination angle is limited, and the upwards generally do not exceed 20 degrees. The downward angle is smaller, in order to be used at a larger angle, saving materials and floor space.

In order to increase the load-bearing section of the conveyor belt, the upper rollers of the load-bearing belt are formed into a trough-shaped section, that is, trough-shaped rollers. The trough-shaped rollers of ordinary belt conveyors are mostly composed of three equal-length and short rollers. The groove angle formed by the inclination angle is generally 35 degrees. The angle of the rollers on both sides of the grooved roller can be increased to 60 degrees, and then the length of the middle roller can be reduced to form a deep groove-shaped load-bearing section, which can increase the dispersion. Improved material transportation angle. 

The structure of the trough-shaped roller is composed of five single-row rollers. As the groove depth of the skirt conveyor belt becomes larger, the belt inclination is also increased. However, due to the middle support of this roller group It is parallel, the friction between the material and the conveyor belt is small, especially when the load is small, the friction is smaller and even the phenomenon of rolling material occurs, so the maximum conveying inclination is limited to less than 20 degrees, and the length of this roller is short. Is a non-standard size, so the ordering cost is high, and the interchangeability is low.

In order to solve the above problems, further increase the inclination angle of the conveyor and use a deep groove-shaped roller set. This structure has the following characteristics: the bottom roller is a double-row structure, and its maximum inclination can be increased to 30 degrees for upper transportation and 20 for lower transportation. Five degrees, this kind of roller set adopts double-row staggered arrangement, so that the end of the roller can not contact with the belt, reducing the wear of the conveyor belt and prolonging the service life. The roller set adopts four national standard rollers. And the number of the original structure is reduced, which not only saves labor and materials, but also makes it easier to produce and maintain.