In the use of conveying equipment, the conveyor belt deviation is one of the most common equipment faults. If you do not pay attention to it, there will be unilateral wear of the conveyor belt, joint fracture and belt tearing. What should we do on conveyor belt deviation? Today, I will introduce to you how to solve conveyor belt deviation. We mainly solve the conveyor belt deviation through two aspects.

1. Selection stage and conveyor belt production before design

(1) The conveyor belt selection adopts the way of adding guide bar, so that the conveyor belt can play a role in rectifying deviation during operation;

(2) In the production process of the conveyor belt, we pay attention to the inspection of the conveyor belt and the recheck of the results to ensure the quality of the conveyor belt;

(3) Reasonable selection of conveyor belt to ensure that the conveyor belt tension meets the requirements of conveying;

(4) The design of conveyor is relatively reasonable, and the use of electronic anti-deviation device can be considered under the condition of conditions.

2. Routine maintenance during operation

(1) By adjusting the tension, adjusting the roller (power roller or roller) method to adjust the conveyor belt, to prevent the conveyor belt deviation;

(2) To ensure the use of clean environment of conveying equipment, to ensure that the conveyor belt roller, roller and conveyor belt back material, to ensure that the conveyor belt tension is uniform, not easy to produce deviation phenomenon;

(3) When the belt edge is worn or even has a small incision because of deviation, the conveyor belt can be repaired or replaced by a new conveyor belt to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belt.

In the process of daily use, there are many ways to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belt. We can consider more about the prevention of conveyor belt deviation, so as not to increase the cost caused by the damage of the conveyor belt. “Producers do more preparation means save the company costs.”