The endless conveyor belt is an important part of the processing industry.

Users generally use hot vulcanized seamless joints. When installing and using, first remove the support frame on the conveying table, so that the seamless belt matches the conveyor. When replacing an old seamless belt, the conveyor belt must be removed first. It is extremely inconvenient to remove and replace the bracket part on the shelf, which consumes human resources. This replacement method is in urgent need of improvement.

In order to solve the above problems, it is suggested that the user can adopt a new method to realize the convenient disassembly and assembly of the annular belt.

The main method is to fix two rows of staggered corresponding wire buckles horizontally at both ends of the upper and lower core fabric layers of the belt, and insert the buckle heads of a row of wire buckles evenly between the buckle heads of the belt.

Another row of steel buckles. Two rows of buckle heads are connected in series to form a button hole, and the steel wire is passed through the button hole horizontally, so that the two ends of the conveyor belt are fastened together. One row of wire buckles is at one end of the conveyor belt and aligned with the core layer, the buckle head extends forward to the end of the core, and the other row of wire buckles is at the other end of the industrial belt. and extend forward to align with the dome of the buckle;

The above method is easy to implement, just fasten the wire buckles at both ends during installation.