Among all the industrial conveyors, medium weight conveyor belt is the most popular product type, due to its compatible structure. If you are looking forward to have the best of all the  belt conveyor systems in the market, the below mentioned points will help you in making the right choice:

1. Select according to the characteristics of the conveyed material

If the material that needs to be loose is a material with a large size and high hardness, or when the drop point is large, it is necessary to consider whether the thickness of the conveyor belt covering rubber layer is appropriate, whether the performance is appropriate, whether the impact resistance meets the standard, and whether the Whether the tearing performance is qualified, if you are transporting some materials with special properties, you cannot choose ordinary conveyor belts to transport, which will not only cause damage, but also time and labor.

2, select according to the required conveying distance

Generally speaking, when the conveying distance is short, you can choose a belt made of polyester. This is because due to the short conveying distance and low tension required, the fabric core conveyor belt can meet the conditions very well. The polyester fabric core conveyor belt has lower elongation and higher strength than ordinary conveyor belts, so this is the preferred choice.

3, select according to the requirements of the working environment

The surface temperature of the conveyor belt determines what kind of belt material needs to be selected. If it is a general material, and the temperature is between minus 25 degrees and 40 degrees, the conventional conveyor belt can meet the requirements well. If it is low At minus 25 degrees, it is necessary to choose a special cold-resistant conveyor belt, and when the environment is greater than 40 degrees, you must choose a high-temperature resistant conveyor belt. If the belt is not selected properly, the belt will be very fast in extreme environments. Damage occurred, seriously affecting production work.