1. Different raw materials are used. Ordinary conveyor belt rubber raw materials are mainly natural rubber. The raw material of oil-resistant conveyor belt is mainly nitrile rubber
  2. The thickness of the glue layer is different. The minimum thickness of the upper cover rubber of ordinary conveyor belt is 3.0mm, and the minimum thickness of the lower cover rubber is 1.5mm
    Heat-resistant, cold-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant conveyor belt The minimum thickness of the upper cover rubber is 4.5mm, and the lower cover rubber has a minimum thickness of 2.0mm.
    According to the use environment, the thickness can be increased by 1.5mm.

Ordinary conveyor belt specification representation method
Example: EP1505 (3+1.5) 600 124m 10Mpa means that the width is 600mm, the fabric core is 5 layers, the thickness of the upper covering glue is 3mm, the thickness of the lower covering glue is 1.5mm, the length is 124m, and the tensile pressure of the fabric core is 150 glue Conveyor belt with surface tensile pressure of 10Mpa.

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