Food grade conveyor belt is mainly made of food grade polymer materials after coating or calendering equipment and polyester fabric composite into a conveyor belt with high strength, good flexibility, non-toxic and health characteristics. Most food grade belts are combined with FDA food grade certification. It is a durable and flexible conveying product.

Food grade conveyor belt is widely used in food production, processing, packaging and transportation. Now the main material of it is PU material conveyor belt, in addition, PE conveyor belt, food-grade PVC conveyor belt, Teflon material, and silicone material etc..

Food grade conveyor belt is mainly to transport food we eat in our daily life, which is directly related to human health. In the production of food grade conveyor belt, we not only have to strictly control the raw materials, but also need to pay attention to not using processing materials which is harmful to health in the production of customized non-standard cutting.

Food grade conveyor belt should meet food-grade demand, in addition, it should meet hydrolysis resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, cutting resistance, temperature resistance and other characteristics. These characteristics expand the use of food conveyor belt to a certain extent. For example, the conveyor belt we use in the slaughtering industry is also called a “clean belt”. Easy-to-clean belt must meet the characteristics of hydrolysis resistance, water resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance and antibacterial.