We all know that the conveyor belt in use for a long time will be curve damage, light duty conveyor belt is one of them. But how is the damage to the conveyor belt caused? Different damages are caused by different reasons, let’s figure out the cause of the conveyor belt damage!

First, the cause of longitudinal tear of light duty conveyor belt.

The vibration impact causes the fastener to loosen and fall off, resulting in the falling coal pipe bushing and guide plate falling off. The foreign matter is mixed into the material, the foreign matter is hard and angular, and the falling coal pipe is blocked and squeezed. The idler is damaged and the roller frame is damaged. Light duty conveyor belts are heavily deflected and suspended from the frame. When the cleaner is sucked into the drum (back to the sweeper), the bolt is loose and there is a bouncing precursor.

Second, the reason of the conveyor belt cracking.

1. Due to the limitation of space size, the transmission has a lot of bending time;

2. When the joint is vulcanized, it has been vulcanized twice or more times for various reasons.

Third, the cause of vulcanization joint tear.

1. The diameter of the reversing drum is small and the bending stress of the conveyor belt is large

2. The quality of the curing joint is poor, especially the curing time is more than two times, the joint strength is significantly reduced, or the canvas

3. Whether the cutting layer, or the wear and tear in the bonding process leaks, reduces the strength

4. As for the reversible light duty conveyor belt, because it can only be in one direction when turning up and down, it is easy to be scraped by the sharp corners of the sweeper, unloader and other equipment on the belt

5. Light duty conveyor belt has short working cycle, frequent start and large instantaneous tension.