The reasons for the damage of the rubber conveyor belt are as follows:

1. Local wear:

Fabric core conveyor belts and steel core conveyor belts are prone to such damage. The main reason is that the transfer place, the material guide trough, and the failed support can easily get stuck with large material blocks. Once the conveyor belt is running, it will definitely cause excessive wear of the conveyor belt.

2. Partially broken:

Fabric core conveyor belts and steel core conveyor belts have such damage. When the conveyor belt is transporting materials, there are often larger stones and sharper material blocks mixed in. These material blocks break through the conveyor belt with a large impact force at the transition because of insufficient buffering, forming holes.

3. Joint damage:

Re-lap vulcanization forms a joint. If we do not handle the joint part well, it is easy to cause premature wear of the joint part, peeling and peeling of the rubber. If it is not dealt with in time, the damage and deterioration of the joint part will be faster, and the belt breakage accident will easily occur.

4. Longitudinal crack of steel wire conveyor belt:

Some steel core conveyor belts often have longitudinal penetrating scratches, which can be as long as tens of meters or even hundreds of meters, which is a longitudinal crack. If the operator does not clean the scraper cleaner in time, it will scratch the conveyor belt after the belt is running