In the industry, the conveyor belt plays the role of carrying and transporting goods. It saves manpower, reduces costs, improves work efficiency and speeds up the development of the industry for many enterprises. However, if you do not pay more attention to the use of a long time, there will be some failures.

If it can not be handled in time and effectively, it will affect the service life of the conveyor belt, thus affecting the speed of enterprise production. What are some common failures of the conveyor belt in use? How to solve these problem?

The common failure of the conveyor belt in use are deviation and fracture. There are many reasons for these failures. Next, I will give you a simple analysis of the reasons for the conveyor belt deviation and tips.

Reasons for conveyor belt deviation:

1. In the installation process, the head and tail roller and the middle roller are not on the same Central Line, and are not parallel to each other.

Tip: (1) check the transverse center of the roller and the longitudinal center line of the belt conveyor is not coincidence degree, adjust it.

(2) check the deviation value of the two planes of the head and tail rack installation bearing seat, adjust it, so that it remains in the same plane.

2. The material on the conveyor belt is not kept in the center position, and the force is uneven.

Tip: check the blanking position, increase the baffle plate to buffer the speed of the material falling, change the direction and position of the material falling.

3. There is a foreign body between the conveyor belt and the roller.

Tip: the conveyor belt and drum to maintain clean, keep clean, no foreign matter.

Some common failures of conveyor belt in use are introduced here first. If you want the service life of the conveyor belt to become longer, it is necessary to regularly maintain the conveyor belt and equipment, find problems and solve them in time.