Rubber conveyor belt classification
Classification according to the enhanced skeleton structure:
Steel cord conveyor belt
steel mesh conveyor belt
Fabric Core Conveyor Belt
Among them, the fabric core conveyor belt is divided into:
Cotton canvas conveyor belt
nylon conveyor belt
Polyester conveyor belt
Fiberglass conveyor belt
Whole core conveyor belt

According to the performance of the covering layer: general purpose conveyor belt, flame retardant conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt, acid resistant conveyor belt, alkali resistant conveyor belt, oil resistant conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt, high temperature resistant conveyor belt and food conveyor belt.

Polyester conveyor belt performance introduction
High modulus, good grooving, bending resistance, fatigue resistance, medium resistance.

Main conveying materials and working conditions
Same as nylon canvas conveyor belt, its dimensional stability is better than that of nylon canvas conveyor belt.