UHMWPE roller has made itself ideally suited for industrial applications in complicate and rough environments

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Orientflex newly developed high-tech product, the UHMWPE idler is widely used in extremely dusty, corrosive and harsh environments. It enhances the belt’s life by offering low friction coefficient, self-lubrication, antistatic, flame retardant and energy saving properties.

Characteristics Of Rubber Impact Roller:

1.Uitahigh abrasion resistance and anti adherence ffeict, lesss cofficient of ficin
2.Low noise and rotation resistance, stable runring
3.Good wather and aging resistance
4.High mechanical stength, can withstand repealed inpact, vibrabon
5.Wifth ightweigt,, easy to replace and energy saving
6.More working temperature, from- 269℃ to 80℃
7.Electrostatic spraying technical makes the roller more durable and good-looking
8.High accurate steel pipes ensure the rollers with wearing resisting, low vibration and noise
9.Effective sealing system
The primary labyrinth seal prevents most of the dust to get into the bearing house, and no water could leak in. The narrow clearance between bearing house and shaft forms the second sealing, the bearing house are made of UHMWPE which has a very low surface energy and are anti-adhesion, so it is repulsive to dust and water. It is quite difficulty for dust to get through the narrow channel.

Application of  UHMWPE Roller:

Mining, Steel Mill, Cement Plant, Power Plant, Chemical Plant, Sea Port, Storage.

Specification of UHMWPE roller

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