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Steel conveyor roller maintenance-free, high-quality sealed ball bearing,Maintenance-free, high-quality sealed ball bearing,Inner seal: lip type seal, material nylon

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Steel Conveyor Roller Manufacturer

There are components of belt conveyor systems as they provide load support on carry side and return side.

Conveyor roller are components of belt conveyor systems as they provide load support on carry side and return side. The conveyor roller are standardised and designed according to ISO, DIN and EN standards.

Custom made rollers are available on request. OrientFlex have the capable of delivering a range of special-design rollers: water proof rollers, rollers for extreme climate conditions, conveyor roller for extreme loading, high speed conveyor rollers, low noise rollers, rollers for chemical conditions and case-hardened rollers.

Raw Material of Steel Conveyor Roller:

1.Pipe: High precision ERW special pipe with small out of roundness. Material Q235 equal to Europe S235JR
2.Shaft: High precision cold-drawn round bar, Material 45# equal to DIN C45.
3.Bearing: Deep groove ball bearing with clearance C3. Double Seal, Quality Grade P5Z3
4.Bearing House: Cold drawn steel plate, material 08AL equal to DIN ST12/14
5.Labyrinth Seal: Main Seal System, Material is Nylon.
6.Lubricating Grease: #2 Long lasting lubricating grease, working condition -20°c to 120°c
7.Surface Treatment: Electrostatic Powder Coating.

Characteristics of Steel Conveyor Roller:

1.Low Total Indicator Run-out (T.I.R), low rotational resistance
2.End cap to tube welds protected from rubber belt wear
3.Highly-effective labyrinth seals protected from dust & water into the bearing
4.Designed and manufactured for a long, trouble-free life


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We are a company that was born in 2010, we have focused on the production of rubber conveyor belts for more than 20 years.
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