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Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt Introduction:

Oil resistant conveyor belt is made of nylon canvas or EP canvas and finiched through the processes of calendering,assembling, vulcanlzing and etc. lt is suitable for conveyu oily materials or working at oily sites.

oil resistant conveyor belt

Application of Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt:

Oil resistant conveyor belt is suitable for transporting oily materials, such as cereal, grains, corn, fish, meat, soybean cake, or used in environment exposed to working oil. We select NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber), or NBR + NR (natural rubber), as belt covers. NBR, NR has a high content of acrylonitrile with excellent oil resistant property.

Characteristics Of Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt:

1.Advantages of low volume change rate;
2.High resistance towards oil absorption;
3.High strength, wide use range and so on;
4.Swelling in IRM 903 oil (20°C,21 days) Max +20%.

The Cover Rubber Quality Grade:

Specification Of Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt:

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