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Heat resistant conveyor belt manufacturer explain hot transported material can very easily damage the conveyor belt. To prevent possible damages, our engineers have developed three types of belts that correspond to different temperature conditions.

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Description

The heat resistant conveyor belt is a heat-resistant conveyor belts made of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (polyester cotton) or polyester canvas covered with high-temperature resistant or heat-resistanting rubber, bonded together by high-temperature vulcanization, suitable for conveying hot coke below 175°C, Cement, slag, hot castings and more!
It is mainly used in metallurgy, construction and other industries to transport sinter, coke, cement clinker and other high-temperature materials.
It is used under the condition that the material temperature does not exceed 800°C and the belt surface temperature does not exceed 220°C.


EPDM rubber is used as the covering layer, and the skeleton material is made of domestic special high-temperature-resistant canvas. The unique formula design solves the key problems of high saturation, poor adhesion, and low interlayer adhesion due to EPDM rubber. . It has the characteristics of light belt body, long life (about 2-4 times), and good heat resistance.

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Introduction:

The Maximum temperature on the belt surface is 125 ⁰C & Maximum temperature of material handled is 175 ⁰C. With regard to the application and heat resistance properties, three types of conveyor belts are available:

T1 type – *temperature of material up to 125°C
T2 type – *temperature of material up to 150°C
T3 type – *temperature of material up to 175°C

Characteristics Of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt:

1.Superior resistance to heat and abrasion;
2.Superior resistance to wear and heat aging when exposed to heat;
3.The core body is designed to minimize performance variation under heat;
4.Superior adhesion between the cover rubber and core body when exposed to heat;

Application Of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt:

Heat resistant conveyor belts are used in steel plant, fertilizer plant, phosphate fertilizer factory. According to heat resistant grade of different working conditions.

Specification Of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt:

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