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EP conveyor belt high modulus, good grooving, bending resistance, fatigue resistance, medium resistance

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EP Conveyor Belt Description

The polyester conveyor belt is also called EP conveying belt. EP fabric plies are sandwiched between rubber skim coats for adhesion and load support. Bottom and top cover compounds are added for maximum protection of the belt carcass.

It is consisting of two to six EP fabric plies, EP rubber conveyor belt has the same merit as Nylon conveyor belt. Its tensile body is made of warp polyester and weft-knitted canvas.

EP Conveyor Belt Introduction:

Its performance is characterized by low elongation in the warp direction and excellent groove formation in the weft direction. The wet strength does not decrease, no mildew occurs, the initial modulus of the polyester is high, and a lower safety factor can be taken.It is suitable for conveying materials under medium and long-distance and high load and high-speed conditions.

Characteristics of EP Conveyor Belts:

1.The high efficiency of conveyors belt;
2.The conveyor belt has high safety;
3.Anti-abrasive, impact resistant, corrosion resistant;
4.High tensile strength with low weight;
5.Softy belt body, good flexibility, excellent trough;
6.Strong adhesion to rubber.

Application of EP Conveyor Belts:

EP/nylon conveyor belt is suitable for transporting lump, granular, powdery materials of normal temperature, non-corrosion in general conditions. It is widely used in metallurgy, construction materials, wharf, mining industries.

ep conveyor belt

Specification of EP Conveyor Belts:

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