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Conveyor drums is the most important element in the transport system. The convyor belt system is helpful to automatic work.

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Conveyor Drums Manufacturer in China

Equipped with features and performance desired by the world’s top miners these Conveyor Pulleys provide the lowest total cost of ownership compared to others.

A Head Drum also known as a Head Pulley or Drive Pulley are driven by mechanical means to provide movement of the conveyor belt.

A Tail Drum also known as a Tail Pulley is located at the opposite end of the conveyor belt to the head drum. They provide a direction of rotation for the conveyor belt and can also be used as a tension device in some conveyor designs.

Characteristics of Conveyor Drums:

1.The large crown angle provides superior belt tracking capabilities.
2.The thick pulley shell absorbs more stress.
3.Range of internal bearing drums are manufactured to the very highest standards. Either oil filled or grease filled, they provide low maintenance cost & extended service.

Applications of Conveyor Drums:

These products find their applications in various industrial sectors involving the use of a conveyor belt, especially in Quarrying and Mining.

We are a famous trademark of Hebei province. Our company attaches great importance to new technology, new materials and national rubber authoritative institutions. Qingdao University of Science and Technology establishes a long-term relationship.
The company now has 15 patents. With the aim of being based on the domestic market and looking to the world, the company adheres to the principle of “surviving by quality, developing by science and technology, cooperating by reputation, and providing best service to all customers” .

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