Conveyor Belt is the most important element in the transport system. The convyor belt system is helpful to automatic work.

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Conveyor Belt is the most important element in the transport system. The convyor belt system is helpful to automatic work. Besides, it can improve the trasnfer efficiency in all the industries. What’s more, it helps reduce the transport cost.
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Belted Conveyors

Belted conveyors are typically applied in the conveyance of cases or products which are not suited for transport on live roll or chain conveyor.

PVG Solid Woven Conveyor Belts

Solid Woven Conveyor Belts

Solid woven fire resistant conveyor belt is manufactured by plasticizing or vulcanizing solid woven core.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel cord conveyor belts are highly wear-resistant and used principally for long-haul conveying.

ep conveyor belt1

EP Conveyor Belt

EP conveyor belt is also called polyester conveyor belt. EP belt is the combination of Polyester in warp and Nylon in weft.

sidewall conveyor belt1

Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Sidewall conveyor belts are designed for horizontal, steep inclined and vertical handling of all kinds of bulk materials.

Chevron Conveyor Belt

Chevron Conveyor Belt

The chevron belt conveyor offers suitable transportation for loose, bulk and bagged material. Ideal for inclined surfaces.


Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts are meant to exhibit high resistance towards hot materials such as Pellets, Sinter, Cement, Powder, Chemicals and Fertilizers.

fire resistant conveyor belt1

Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

As these are anti-static, these conform to defined international standards and are thus safe to be used in any of the classified surroundings.


Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

Abrasion Resistant Belt is made of a special compound resistant to abrasion, so its life span is longer than the ordinary conveyor belt.

white food grade conveyor belt

Food Grade Conveyor Belt

Food Grade Conveyor Belts are meant to be utilized in application areas of industrial food processing and manufacturing.


Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt is specially made for the transportation of oil materials and organic solvents.


Flat Transmission Belt

Flat transmission belt is a common flat rubber belt, also called transmission belt, usually uses high-quality cotton canvas as its skeleton layers.

Conveyor Drums

Conveyor Drums

Equipped with features and performance desired by the world’s top miners these Conveyor Pulleys provide the lowest total cost of ownership compared to others.

Conveyor Idler

Conveyor Idler

Idlers support the belt and conveyed material along its full length preventing it from stretching.

Uhmwpe Roller

Uhmwpe Roller

UHMWPE Idler is widely used in extremely dusty, corrosive and harsh environments.

Steel Conveyor Roller

Steel Conveyor Roller

Steel conveyor roller are components of belt conveyor systems as they provide load support on carry side and return side.

Rubber Impact Roller

Rubber Impact Roller

Impact roller is used in loading zone and transfer point applications., it can protect the belt where the lumps.

Conveyor Belt Adhesive

Conveyor Belt Adhesive

SA3000 two-component adhesive is suitable for bonding rubber to rubber, rubber to metal, rubber to fabric.

Cover Rubber Uncured

Cover Rubber Uncured

The vulcanized joint rubber of steel wire belt is a kind of unvulcanized rubber material, which has excellent tear.

Tire Regrooving

Tire Regrooving

The engraving machine is specially used for engraving patterns on the surface of rubber sheets.

PVG Solid Woven Conveyor Belts

PVG Solid Woven Conveyor Belts

Offers superior impact resistant properties,minimising cover wear and improving operational performance.

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