Polyester Conveyor Belt Variety and Usage
According to the performance of rubber cover, products can be classified into designated crack-resistant, designatedWear-resistant, general, and Resistance to acid-base, and Anti-burning.

Used for transferring nubbly, grainy, and farinose things at a high speed in a middle and long distance with higher load

Polyester conveyor belt are joined by multi-layer polyester (or to the polyester, polyester weft for amine) canvas in acertain way, the upper and bottom are high-strength and good wear-resistant flexible rubber.

Polyester Conveyor Belt Related Knowledge
Types and uses of cover glue
Cover rubber type
flame retardant

Uses: Used for conveying materials with fire hazards, or where there are hard-to-reach places in the workplace of the conveyor belt

Uses: materials with little wear, such as coal, grain, cement, sand, coke, etc.

Uses: ore, limestone, coke, slag

tear resistance
Uses: Ore with large specific gravity, ore with strong impact, cullet

Heat resistance \ high temperature resistance
Uses: cement clinker, sintering mad and various high temperature materials

oil resistant
Uses: pine wood, food and items with oily surfaces

Acid and alkali resistance
Application: chemical fertilizer, lime, etc.

Application: Conveyor belt for low-temperature materials and use in low-temperature and high-cold regions

Heat-resistant and wear-resistant
Uses: Used for the transportation of high-temperature materials with a relatively large amount of transportation, and for reversible working conditions