Used for transferring nubbly, grainy, and farinose things at a high speed in a middle and long distance with higher loadVariety:

According to the performance of rubber cover, products can be classified into designated crack-resistant, designatedWear-resistant, general, and Resistance to acid-base, and Anti-burning.

Polyester conveyor belt are joined by multi-layer polyester (or to the polyester, polyester weft for amine) canvas in acertain way, the upper and bottom are high-strength and good wear-resistant flexible rubber.
Same as NN conveyor belt, dimensional stability is better than NN conveyor belt.

Polyester Conveyor Belt Models:
Ep80 Ep100 Ep125 Ep200 Ep250 Ep300 Ep400.

Product Applications: industry, agriculture, automobile, petroleum, mine, engineering, etc.
Technical Team: hundreds of experienced workers and dozens of experienced engineers.
Sales Team: 48 multi-language sales including English, Russian, French and Spanish with 10 years’ experience in foreign trade
Quality Control: 100% inspection before shipment
Market: South America, CIS countries, Mideast, Southeast Asia, North America, etc. Over 120 countries.
Export Volume: in 2022, we obtained over 1300 orders and exported more than 900 containers. While the sales reached to 30.68 million USD.
Certificate: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FDA, RoHS, CE.