EP polyester fabric conveyor belt
Polyester fabric conveyor belts are also called EP belts, whose frameworks are composed of polyester canvas knitted by radial Dacron and weft poly-amide.
They are characterized by low radial tensile rate and excellent groove forming ability and good water resistance. Their strength won’t be weakened by moisture. Moreover, they won’t mould and enjoys high initial modulus.

Solid woven polyester is used as a durable and low-cost option for general conveyance, with specific uses in the parcel, package, and baggage applications.
Polyester is used in the length (warp), width (fill), or in both directions of the weave as an inexpensive carcass for multiple plied conveyor belting.
Spun polyester generates less noise and is used when higher speeds are used on long(er) slider bed applications.

Polyester Conveyor Belt Characteristics & Properties
. High Strength
. Moderately Absorbing
. Moderate Cut and Abrasion Resistance
. Low-Temperature Resistance
. High Mildew Resistance
. Low Elasticity – Stretch and Shrink
. Moderate Elongation

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