Material of heavy wear-resistant conveyor belt refers to the surface roughness of carbon black particles in the formation process is mainly due to the cracking of hydrocarbons at high temperature, and there are serious oxidation, oxidation, erosion and formate of carbon black particles in the formation process.

Inclusive rubber is rubber carbon black aggregates in shield part of the dendritic structure, also known as absorption of glue. Glue quantity tolerance is determined by the structure of carbon black, rubber content and its activity is restricted, so in dealing with some tend to think of it as part of the carbon black, of course, the six kinds of glue is EW not precise enough, when the shear stress increases or at higher temperatures. This part of the rubber and the activity of a rubber molecule, according to the scanning electron microscope, the calculation of carbon black aggregate model is put forward, and a lot of research work, put forward the experience formula of the aggregate structure of carbon black is higher, the chain polymerization gate branch is more, it contains more stress in the adhesive.

However, the calculated results of carbon black filled rubber are higher than the measured ones, and the inclusion of rubber molecules also has some activity in the gel under tensile conditions.

Mixed properties of nylon conveyor belt with black, feeding effect spread, carbon black particle size and mixed more difficult, feeding slow, high energy consumption, heat dissipating capacity is big, more difficult, this is mainly due to the small particle size, surface area is big, and need the wet area. The structure of the carbon black dispersion effect is also very obvious, the structure of the high feed is slower than the low of the structure of the feed, but it spreads fast. This is because the structure of the high void volume is relatively large, this excludes the air need more time, and once edible, high carbon black structure easily.

Carbon black structure has a great influence on elongation, impact force and hardness decrease, because the rubber molecules in the vulcanized rubber filling volume fraction, carbon black structure of high rubber content is higher, reduce the volume fraction of rubber molecules, only under harsh wear conditions can play a certain wear resistance.

With the increase of structural resistance, the structure also has certain influence on other performance.