Most coal mines at home and abroad have been equipped with mechanical equipment such as nylon conveyor belts that can work at long distances. Hebei Baoding Kunshuo’s first underground flame-retardant and burn-resistant steel cord conveyor belt series has been successfully applied to overseas coal mines, and its flame-retardant safety performance meets international standards. , And can be widely used;

The installation is from below the ground: the coal is lifted to the ground in two parts, with strong daily transmission power. It is an important milestone in the history of application, which can transport coal mines with a depth of 1,000 meters to the ground directly. It can also transfer the sorted tailings back to the ground. The industry can also be called the same machine with more than two. Because of its high transmission efficiency, it makes the mine production rate famous in the mining industry. The same model is widely installed in higher altitudes. In the mine.

Because our engineers have rich experience in the development of flame-retardant conveyor belts in inclined coal mines, as well as a good reputation for performance, they have undertaken wire rope conveyor belt installation projects for more users in the bituminous coal industry for many years, and they have become wider The belts of the amplitude series were put into use;

In addition, due to its stable adhesion characteristics, the corrosion-resistant rubber belt will not damage the adhesion of the steel wire rope when repairing the same area of the belt, and can actively resist external damage to protect it. The upper and lower covering rubber layers are equipped with active anti-tear mechanism, so that Its wear resistance is improved, and the belt body use time is increased at the same time. The selected high-strength nylon conveyor belt greatly increases the strength and elasticity of the joint. The nylon belt core has a better cushioning effect. The impact pressure of the steel wire rope can be passed through the nylon belt core is evenly dispersed, and the lower covering rubber that comes into contact with the belt conveyor roller can increase the transverse strength of the whole machine, and it will be ejected when it is torn by foreign matter. At the same time, the transverse nylon rope can prevent the conveyor belt from being on the roller. The group was torn in the gap.

Ordinary canvas conveyor belts are made of styrene and natural rubber. While ensuring safety, the new rubber belt covering layer is considered in terms of wear resistance, elongation, friction coefficient, tear resistance and tensile strength related parameters. The selected wire rope spacing, diameter, number of strands and number of strands can ensure that the rubber can be fully immersed in the gap of each wire rope. The selected steel wire rope circumference is covered with rubber after the hot-dip galvanizing treatment. Compliance is very important, in addition, it can be fully moisture-proof and ensure a long service life of the steel wire rope rubber belt;

The rigorous safety testing standards before putting into use include: surface resistance, average flame and flameless burning time of the covering layer, and cylinder friction test tension that all meet the national standards. At the same time, the requirements of each process inspected by the manufacturing workshop are: All materials used must avoid the risk of fire, must not have spontaneous combustion, and have strict oxygen characteristics standards.