Conveyor belt is widely used in industrial production and processing, and the frequency of use is also high. When used for a long time, there will be such problems as this and that. Conveyor belt wear and tear is a common phenomenon, which is also a headache for many enterprises. So, how can we reduce conveyor belt tearing? Next, I will secretly tell you 5 tips to reduce the conveyor belt tearing.

1. Strengthen the control of materials, to clean up sharp, large materials in time, or add miscellaneous equipment, so that the conveyor belt in the process of operation to reduce the contact with foreign bodies, large materials, so as to reduce the tear of the conveyor belt.

2. Improve the structure of the conveyor, reduce the drop mouth, or add a baffle at the drop mouth, buffer the falling material, reduce the speed of the material, so as to reduce the impurities inserted into the conveyor belt, reduce the tearing of the conveyor belt.

3. Found that the conveyor belt deviation phenomenon, to find the reason in time, timely treatment, so as to reduce the tearing of the conveyor belt.

4. Strengthen inspection. During the operation of the conveyor belt, the inspection frequency of patrol inspection and spot inspection should be adjusted higher to find and deal with problems in time.

5. Strengthen the daily maintenance of conveyor belt and equipment, reduce the failure rate and misoperation, so as to reduce the phenomenon of conveyor belt tearing.

The above are 5 tips to reduce the conveyor belt tearing. Have you learned?