The belt conveyor equipment used in the cement industry is mainly caused by the lubrication system if the abnormality occurs, but it is easy to be ignored. Because the belt conveyor continues to rub during operation, except for the friction between the electric roller and the rubber conveyor belt, other things such as support The friction between the roller set, the stop roller, etc. is unfavorable. In view of this, it is very important to lubricate and eliminate the unfavorable friction force in the daily work of the belt conveyor.

The lubrication work of belt conveyor machinery focuses on the implementation of reducer gears, roller bearings and other components. Usually splash lubrication is used. Specifically, the gear rotation drives the lubricating oil to splash to the working surface of each gear, so that it builds a protective oil film. Layer, higher viscosity and oily lubricating oil must be used. Because belt conveyors often use secondary gear reducers, according to statistics, southern customers generally use mechanical oil for lubrication, while northern customers often use grease for operation, in order to reduce the running resistance and mechanical Temperature rise, when splash lubrication, the large gear needs to be immersed in oil, and its depth is about two tooth heights. If the gear peripheral speed is high, then the corresponding lower is enough. Note that the minimum is not less than one centimeter, and the peripheral speed is low. It is advisable to immerse into one-third of the gear radius. For bevel gears, the depth of oil immersion needs to meet the overall width of the gear teeth;Do not use too much lubricating oil in the reducer, otherwise it will increase the rotation resistance, increase the oil temperature, accelerate the oxidation of the oil, and reduce the lubricating characteristics, but not too little will not be effective, and the tooth surface wear will remove metal particles, dirt, dust, etc. In addition to the wear of the gear, the tooth surface wear due to the sliding friction of the gear, if the lubrication is good, the wear can be slowed, the lubricating oil cannot fall into the sand, dust, metal slag, etc., the low viscosity is good for the precipitation of abrasive particles, the cleaning of the oil, and the lubrication Impurities can be washed away from the tooth surface to reduce wear. Plastic deformation of the tooth surface can appropriately increase the viscosity of the lubricating oil and help prevent or reduce the plastic deformation of the tooth surface.

Roller bearings are commonly used for lubrication of two types of sliding and rolling bearings: sliding bearings are composed of bearing housings, bearing caps, and bearing shells. The bearing shells are provided with an oil groove structure that can be used to store lubricating oil. This method is most used when heavy loads and low speeds. The advantage is The structure is simple, easy to replace, and has strong bearing capacity. The disadvantage is serious wear and low efficiency. Due to the large contact area between the shaft and the bearing bush, great friction and high heat will occur when the lubrication is poor, which will cause the copper bush to burn out.