Rubber conveyor belt is very common in the industry. It is necessary to fix the conveyor belt on the machine when using it. So, how to install the joint of ordinary rubber conveyor belt?

The first one to recommend is the mechanical joint method, which refers to the belt buckle joint. This joint method is more convenient and more economical, but the efficiency of the joint is not high enough and it is easy to damage the service life of the conveyor belt products. In general, some conveyor belt products of PVC and PVG are made of such a joint method.

Hot melt method is the second method we should recommend, that is, the two ends of the conveyor belt are separated from each other, and then the two ends are stitched together, and then the hot air gun is used to do simple fixing. Then put the patched conveyor belt on the hot melt equipment for heating and pressure for hot melt, the temperature is about 140 degrees, the cloth layer reaches the insulation time, stop heating and let it cool down naturally, and finally take it down.