The adhesive layer covered on the belt body is arranged with a herringbone anti-skid layer evenly spaced, which can effectively improve the use cycle of the conveyor belt to transport ore materials.

The durable sand and stone material conveying belt does not need to be remade into the hot plate of the flat vulcanizing machine. It only needs to install a vulcanization transition template on the lower hot plate to realize the one-time high-strength vulcanization of the belt body as a general canvas rubber. When the belt is used to convey general materials, the normal service cycle can reach 10,000 hours, and when it is used to convey ore and sand, it is only 5,000 hours under the condition of good maintenance. Therefore, the heavy-duty belt has a short service life and efficiency. Low is a key factor restricting the improvement of industrial enterprise customer benefits.

When ordinary rubber conveyor belts are used to convey sand and gravel, the main influencing factors are the wear of the material and its own weight. Our company has continuously optimized the structure of ordinary flat belts, rubber formula and production technology through scientific and continuous optimization, and has innovated durable and durable. Conveyor belt for type mineral sand and stone.

The purpose of the improved structure: reduce the wear of the material on the transportation tape and improve the work efficiency. The rubber anti-skid edge of the herringbone rubber with equal spacing is set on the cover layer of the endless canvas conveyor belt to prevent the carried materials from sliding and reduce the belt body. Wear and tear, the service life is extended by 50% on the original basis. In addition, due to the existence of the anti-skid structure, the maximum working inclination angle of the belt conveyor can reach 50 degrees, which increases the conveying height and reduces the footprint of the equipment.

In order to ensure that the rubber anti-skid edge is firmly combined with the flat base belt body of the ore conveyor belt, our patented adhesive is coated on the anti-skid edge in the manufacturing process, and the special self-developed film coating special adhesive with the same shape and area as the anti-skid edge is applied. After the belt body is pre-stretched and attached to the non-slip edge, the upper and lower hot plates can be closed and vulcanized.

Compared with other similar products, the durable mining sand and gravel conveyor belt has the characteristics of greatly improved service life, significant economic benefits for customers, simple process, and low price for equipment improvement.