The normal service life of rubber conveyor belts is generally about 10 years.

In the process of use, due to various improper use and maintenance methods, the service life of the rubber conveyor belt will be greatly shortened. Here are some small ways to fully extend the service life of rubber conveyor belts.

The rubber conveyor belt is the main component of the conveyor belt and plays the role of conveying materials. Widely used in steel, coal, alloy, chemical, building materials, food and other industries. Compared with the transportation mode, the use of conveyor belt as a conveyor has the advantages of safe operation, convenient use, convenient maintenance, low freight, good continuity, and shortened transportation distance.

1. Improved the sealing hopper of the conveyor belt.

2. Add a scraper device on the reversing roller.

3. The transition between the claw wheel and the conveyor gap.

4. Improve the transition of conveyor head, tail and middle transmission.

5. Reduce the counterweight of the large arm supporting the conveyor belt.

6. Adjust the material flow.

7. The local damage repair technology of the conveyor belt prolongs the service life.

(1) Local hot vulcanization;

(2) It is cold and creaking;

(3) Local cold sticking.

8. Hehui chooses the belt type and maintenance.

9. Other management issues. Strengthen the management of rollers and cleaners, and replace damaged ones in time. Charge start control.