This piece will introduce the rubber conveyor belts to you. The rubber conveyor belts can be categorized by what the applications are. You might feel confused. Let me explain to you. Various applications require different types of rubber conveyor belts.

For example, you need to use the rubber conveyor belts in a hot temperature working conditions or you need the rubber conveyor belt to deliver hot objects, then the rubber conveyor belts need to be heat resistant. There are three types of heat resistant rubber conveyor belts: T1 (withstood up to 125 ℃ of transporting objects), T2 (withstood up to 150 ℃ of transporting objects), and T3 (withstood up to 175 ℃ of transporting objects). The heat resistant rubber conveyor belts performed an excellent adhesion between the cover and core even they expose to the heat. Therefore, if you need to use rubber conveyor belts to transport the high temperature delivery object, the heat resistant conveyor belts are suitable for you. According to the application condition and the heat resistant need, choose the appropriate heat resistant grade.

If you need to use the rubber conveyor belts in the food factory to the transportation of foodstuffs, then you need to find a supplier who uses FDA approved food grade raw material to manufacture the food grade conveyor belt. Besides the food grade convey belt can directly contact the foods, meanwhile after a particular process for the food grade conveyor belt, the chemical reaction will not happen between the food grade convey belts and the foods.

If the applications require the conveyor belts to contact and delivery oil-based object in such as oily sites, then you need to choose oil resistant conveyor belt. The material for oil resistant conveyor belt is naylon or EP canvas. And also there are many other types of rubber conveyor belt for many other applications. If you want to find the most appropriate one for your required application, welcome to contact us to tell your requirements and planned applications, we, Orientflex will provide you the best recommendation. Above mentioned types of rubber conveyor belts, all we can produce. Hope we can cooperate in the future.