How to choose PVC conveyor belt
The PVC conveyor belt industry is more and more widely used. Its applicable temperature range is between -10°C and +80°C.
If the temperature is less than -10°C and greater than +80°C, what will happen to the PVC conveyor belt?
If the PVC conveyor belt is operated at a relatively cold temperature, the surface of the conveyor belt tends to harden, and it will be very difficult to run.
Of course, when the temperature is controlled at a more suitable temperature, the softness and hardness of the conveyor belt will also return to the original softness and hardness.
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How to choose the conveyor belt that exceeds the temperature?
Cold-resistant conveyor belt
This is a specially customized conveyor belt that can withstand minus 40 degrees, which greatly improves the characteristics of PVC conveyor belts that cannot withstand cold.
High temperature resistant conveyor belt
High temperature resistant conveyor belt can withstand high temperature up to 300 degrees, suitable for high temperature operation and transportation of high temperature products. Great efforts to improve conveyor belts require high-temperature characteristics.

The PVC conveyor belt within the specified temperature range has the advantages of high strength, light weight, wear resistance, colorful appearance, non-toxic and tasteless, antistatic, small stretching, long service life and low resistance.
The products have gradually expanded from the original single electronics industry to many industries such as machinery, medicine, tobacco, logistics, etc., gradually replacing the traditional black rubber conveyor belt.

How to choose pvc conveyor belt