There are many types of conveyor belts, including light conveyor belts, heavy conveyor belts, etc., but they have different functions and characteristics. The following are the four main characteristics of light conveyor belts:

1.The material of the light conveyor belt is generally PVC, PU, silica gel, Teflon, etc. The material itself is non-toxic and tasteless, and can be in direct contact with the conveyed objects. Certain formulations are altered in order to enhance certain properties.

  1. The pattern of the light conveyor belt, there are many kinds of patterns, such as grass pattern, diamond pattern, one-line pattern, cloth pattern, square pattern, etc., according to the different conveying environment, choose different patterns.
  2. There are many thicknesses of light conveyor belts, ranging from thin 0.1mm to thick 10mm. According to the size of the conveying roller, choose the appropriate conveyor belt.
  3. The applicable environment of light conveyor belt is suitable for indoor use and room temperature environment. According to the different conveying temperature, the formula can be changed to produce cold-resistant conveyor belt or high-temperature resistant conveyor belt.

The rubber belt has a stable formula and is generally used for outdoor transportation to adapt to harsh environments.