EP belt is the combination of Polyester in warp and Nylon in weft. EP belt provides far much lower elongation than NN belt and it can also be used for special purposes.

EP polyester fabric conveyor belt
Polyester fabric conveyor belts are also called EP belts, whose frameworks are composed of polyester canvas knitted by radial Dacron and weft poly-amide.
They are characterized by low radial tensile rate and excellent groove forming ability and good water resistance.
Their strength won’t be weakened by moisture. Moreover, they won’t mould and enjoys high initial modulus.

Suitable for conveying materials under the conditions of medium and longdistance,heavy load and highspeed, which is widely used in mines, metallurgy, architecture,ports, electricity, chemical industries, etc.

Key advantages of polyester conveyor belts include:

Strength and durability: Polyester fibers offer high tensile strength, allowing the belts to handle heavy loads and endure rigorous operating conditions.

Flexibility: Polyester belts have good flexibility, enabling them to conform to different conveyor configurations and handle various product shapes and sizes.

Chemical resistance: Polyester is resistant to many chemicals, making these belts suitable for applications where exposure to oils, solvents, acids, or alkaline substances is expected.

Moisture resistance: Polyester fibers have low water absorption, allowing the belts to maintain their integrity even when exposed to moisture or humid environments.

Cost-effectiveness: Polyester conveyor belts are generally more affordable compared to some other types of conveyor belts, making them a cost-effective choice for many industries.

It deserves noting that polyester conveyor belts might have constraints in terms of high-temperature resistance, as polyester fibers can begin to deteriorate at elevated temperatures. In such situations, alternative belt products like aramid (Kevlar) or steel might be preferable.

When selecting a polyester conveyor belt, it’s vital to consider elements such as belt size, thickness, tensile strength, elongation residential or commercial properties, as well as any kind of details needs for your application. Consulting with a conveyor belt producer or provider can aid you figure out the most ideal polyester conveyor belt for your needs.

Minimizing the moving distance of take-up
High Modulus
Excellent water resistance
Suitable for long lines.