When you talk about conveyor belts, there are definitely a lot of people who are familiar with it, but not many who really know it. In fact, conveyor belts have become an integral part of industrial automation production. In fact, in our life, the use of conveyor belts can be seen everywhere, such as luggage conveyor belts for inspection at bus stations and high-speed railway stations, luggage conveyor belts in airports, including some friends who like sports, often go to the gym and run on treadmills. As a common product in airports, airport conveyor belts are no exception.

Customers no longer need to carry luggage, lobby space is freed up, and luggage checks are no longer carried out in crowded public areas. Conveyor belts from Orientflex really improve people’s travel comfort.

The conveyor belt is the most cost-effective product in the Orientflex conveyor accessories series. Our technicians recommend black conveyor belts. Black PVC conveyor belts are a common type of airport conveyor belts, which are resistant to dirt and wear. Although the conveyor belt is subjected to loads of different natures and sizes during the operation of the conveyor, it can still be recycled under extremely complex stress conditions. Usually, this kind of conveyor belt needs to be made into a ring before it can be put into use, which means that both sides of the conveyor belt need to be connected, and the quality of the joint directly affects the conveying quality and service life of the conveyor belt. There are many ways to make conveyor belt joints. The commonly used ones are hot melt joints, steel buckle joints, and glue joints.

Among them, there are also many choices for steel buckle joints:

Round pin buckle connection: Easy to disassemble and assemble;

Flat buckle link: Easy to disassemble and assemble;

Butterfly buckle connection: High strength.

Orientflex’s conveyor belts are designed to reduce sliding friction between the belt and the conveyor, saving up to 45% in energy consumption. Our low-noise solutions also offer lower energy consumption because their lightweight construction reduces the size of the motors used to power the line.

We can also customize according to your requirements, and also support mailing samples for your testing.

These are undoubtedly cost-effective options.

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