1. Turning conveyor belt turning mode
    There are two ways to turn the conveyor belt: mandatory turning and natural turning.

The feature of the former is that it does not change the main components of the original machine, but only adds a corner to the corner to realize it, which is suitable for large turns.

The latter is to find a way to let the conveyor belt run naturally, with a simple structure, easy maintenance, and suitable for small turns.

  1. Design of turning conveyor belt
    1). Circuit design.
    2). Determine the parameters of the roller group.
    3). Accurately calculate the tension of each point of the conveyor belt.
    4). Clarify the relevant restrictions on turning.
    5). Kinetic analysis.
    6). Prepare various maintenance measures in advance.
  2. The function of turning conveyor belt
    It is very convenient to use the curved conveyor belt, both horizontal transportation and inclined transportation, and the direction is flexible, so it is widely used in industrial enterprises.

Such as the transportation of beverage bottles, medicines, aluminum cans, cosmetics, food, etc.

Due to the emergence of various mechanical conveying equipment, various conveyor belts are playing an increasingly important role in the transportation of industrial enterprises.

With the development of technology, the conveyor belt is also constantly developing and innovating. The future turning conveyor belt will be more suitable for various complex production and transportation environments, more stable and efficient, and meet various production needs.

It will play its role more and more in industry, agriculture and other industries. The role of bridges.