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SA3100 Cold Vulcanizing Adhesive Introduction

Essential Information:
Brand: OrientFlex
Material: Cr
Model: Sa3000
Customizable: Yes

Detailed Introduction

SA3000 two-component adhesive is applicable to the bonding of rubber and rubber, rubber and metal, rubber and fabric. It is especially suitable for repairing and cold seamless bonding of conveyor belt, rubber coating of roller, abrasion prevention of various metal surfaces, and rubber lining of corrosion prevention.


High quality – excellent adhesive strength exceeds the requirements of HG/T 3659-1999 standard.
Convenient – simple tools can operate without using large equipment such as curing press.
Fast – In case of emergency repair, it can be used as soon as possible to reduce shutdown loss.
Reliable – shelf life 3 years
Applicable – safe and flame-retardant, and suitable for well and underground use.

Usage and preparation:

Rubber: use tungsten steel grinding disc or steel wheel to comprehensively polish (no bright surface), and then use a brush to clean the dust (no water or chemical solvent can be used).
Core body: grind off the residual rubber, then gently grind the fabric layer (be careful not to damage the fabric layer), remove the dust (do not use water or chemical solvent), and if a layer of rubber with uniform thickness can be retained, slightly polish the rubber layer, with better effect.
Metal: remove the grease on the metal surface with SA3500 cleaning agent, and then grind it with grinding wheel or sand blasting. Apply a layer of SA3600 metal surface treatment agent and let it dry completely.
Mixing: mix SA3000 and 3000B hardener in proportion and fully stir evenly. It must be used up within one hour after mixing, otherwise hardening will fail.
Painting: the bonding surface shall be coated with a second uniform thin layer. The surface with CN bonding layer shall not be coated with the first layer. The first layer shall be completely dry and reach the degree of no adhesion to the back of fingers. When the second layer is still slightly sticky (test with the back of hand), the final bonding of the surface can be carried out. (If the second layer is too dry, apply another layer).
Bonding: stick the joint surfaces together to avoid air entrapment, tightly fit and compact.

matters needing attention:

1. The working environment and material temperature are higher than 10 ℃. The ambient humidity is less than 90%.
2. The bonding surface shall be dry and clean, free of grease, oil and chemicals.
3. The above data are the results of field experiments. Because of different materials and working conditions, we recommend that you do experiments first during field construction.
4. The unmixed SA3000 and hardener shall be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.
5. Avoid contact with skin before curing. In case of accidental contact, wash with water and soap immediately. In serious cases, please see a doctor in time.
Order No. Product name Specification Package
338 3000 cold vulcanizing adhesive SA3000 1kg/can 10 cans/box
338 3001 hardener 3000B 40g/bottle 10 bottles/box

Technical Parameter:

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