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Conveyor belting EP100 high modulus, good grooving, bending resistance, fatigue resistance, medium resistance

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Polyester conveyor belt is a multi-layer polyester (or radial polyester, weft polyester amines) canvas in a certain way together in a certain way, the upper and lower cover rubber with high strength, good elasticity of wear resistant rubber.
It is used for conveying small and medium sized, powdery, granular materials. It is suitable for conveying materials at medium distance, high load and high speed.

Conveyor Belting EP100 Features:

The structure of polyester canvas is the same as ordinary conveyor belt.
It has the characteristics of light, thin, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, good grooving, low elongation, good dimensional thermal stability and high wet strength,High modulus, bending resistance, fatigue resistance, medium resistance, same as NN conveyor belt, dimensional stability is better than NN conveyor belt,It is the development direction of the fabric core conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt specification and price calculation method
Conveyor belt specifications: length and width are customized according to customer requirements.
Thickness: 5mm-25mm overall thickness conveyor belt can be produced. The most commonly used standard for coverage thickness is (3mm+1.5mm), and the most commonly used core is 4-6 layers of fabric core.
(According to customer requirements, the thickness of the covering layer and the number of core layers can be adjusted.)

Conveyor Belting EP100 Production Process:

(2)Internal mixer mixing
(3)rubber mixing machine
(6)Forming machine multi-layer belt core→→one vulcanization→→→conveyor belt.

(1)Buy canvas raw materials (dipped)
(3)Three-roll calender gluing
(4)Four roll cooling machine
(5)↓with core
(6)Forming machine multi-layer belt core→→one vulcanization→→→conveyor belt.

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