Conveyor belt finished product test
The tensile testing machine has built-in powerful measurement and control software, which integrates measurement, control, calculation and storage functions. With automatic calculation of conveyor belt stress, elongation, tensile strength and other technical indicators.
DIN rotary drum grinding machine
The wear machine is used to measure the wear resistance of materials. It is mainly used to evaluate the wear resistance of its products through abrasion tests, such as measuring its mass loss, thickness loss and light transmittance.
The material to be tested is placed on the turntable, and two grinding wheels press on the material with a certain weight to make it wear. The grinding wheel rotates with the rotating surface of the sample disc, resulting in relative motion and wear, and the offset of the grinding wheel axis relative to the rotating shaft of the turntable during the rotation process produces a sliding motion, thereby abrading the material.
Abrasion △ V = (weight before grinding – weight after grinding) × 200 / (density × abrasion of standard test piece).

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