With the rapid development of science and technology, with the popularization of conveyor belts, conveyor belts have been applied to all walks of life in recent years. If you observe carefully, you will surely find that it will quietly infiltrate our eating, clothing, housing and transportation. The conveyor belt has various structures, and accessories such as push plates, side baffles, and skirts can also be added to the conveyor belt, which can meet various process requirements.

The application of conveyor belt can involve food processing industry, agriculture, cold chain transportation industry, etc. In fact, almost every kind of food is made or transported by conveyor belts. For example, the packaged buns and steamed buns are the noodles that are placed on the shelves of the supermarket after being processed and conveyed by conveyor belts, packed and transported.

Evergreen’s line conveyor belt can be customized according to the conveying requirements: rhythm operation, ordinary continuous operation, variable speed operation and other control methods; usually called “belt line, conveyor line, conveyor, assembly line” and so on.

Dressing involves the clothing industry, textile industry, agriculture, etc. Especially in the textile industry, cotton spinning, non-woven, chemical fiber, and industrial belts are everywhere. Evergreen’s light-duty conveyor belts have various forms and structures. The light-duty conveyor belts can be added with accessories such as side baffles, push plates, skirts and other conveyor belts, so that they can meet the requirements of various processes.

When it comes to the construction industry, steel industry, and raw material industry, conveyor belts are even more indispensable. There are many types of construction raw materials: cement, yellow sand, stones, insulation boards, steel, ceramic tiles, etc., all of which have the application of conveyor belts. In terms of plates, most gypsum board equipment is mainly conveying; rock wool board equipment also has many conveyor belt applications.

large inclination belt conveyor belt can be used in building materials, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, electric power, grain, light industry, port, ship, thermal power and other industries, and can transport the bulk weight in the temperature range of -15℃-+40℃ Various bulk materials of 0.5-2.5t/m3.

When it comes to the construction of railways and highways, the production of vehicles, the construction of supporting infrastructure, etc., take the stamping line of automobile production as an example, the large stamping line involves the conveying part, among which there are many synchronous belts for positioning and conveying, which are resistant to oil and oil. Applications for cutting conveyor belts.

When materials with special requirements need to be conveyed, special conveyor belts can be used, such as: materials with high temperature, acids, alkali, oils or organic solvents, special conveyor belts with corresponding functions from Evergreen are required.

In addition to these applications, many tools or equipment in our lives have conveyor belt applications, such as detection equipment in stations, treadmill equipment in gyms, etc. Now the conveyor belt industry is developing towards energy saving, material saving, safety and environmental protection. Conveyor belts made of steel rope, nylon, polyester, and aramid as skeleton materials will develop rapidly, and more attention will be paid to improving the performance and service life of impact resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance, ozone resistance, etc. At the same time, the development of circular economy will also It has become another new topic in the development of the conveyor belt industry.

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