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Construction conveyor belt high modulus, good grooving, bending resistance, fatigue resistance, medium resistance

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The strong type fabric core conveyor belt is referred to as the strong type conveyor belt. Including nylon conveyor belt (nylon canvas core conveyor belt), polyester conveyor belt (polyester canvas core conveyor belt), nylon-polyester interwoven cloth core conveyor belt, suitable for medium-span conveyor lines, conveying powder, granular and block No corrosive materials. Such as coal, sand, stone, etc..

Construction conveyor belt usage:

Used for transferring nubbly, grainy, and farinose things at a high speed in a middle and long distance with higher load.


According to the perlormance of rubber cover, products can be classified into designated crack-resistant, designatedWear-resistant, general,and Resistance to acid-base, and Anti-burning.

Products features:

Polyester conveyor belt are joined by multi-layer polyester (or to the polyester, polyester weft for amine) canvas in acertain way, the upper and bottom are high-strength and good wear-resistant flexible rubber.

Products Models:
Ep80 Ep100 Ep125 Ep200 Ep250 Ep300 Ep400

ep conveyor belt

Specification of Construction Conveyor Belt:

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