Today I will introduce the idler in the conveyor accessories . In addition to the conveyor belt, the idler is also an important part.

As an important device of a belt conveyor, conveyor idler rollers account for 35% of the cost of a belt conveyor and bear at least 70% of the resistance of conveying, so the quality of the idler is very important.

Conveyor rollers are of various types and large quantities. According to the material, it can be divided into: ceramic idler, nylon idler, rubber idler and insulating idler; at the same time, it can also be divided into: grooved idler group, various parallel idler groups, various self-aligning idler groups , All kinds of buffer rollers.

Roller classification:

1. Conveyor buffer idlers can be divided into spring plate type idlers, adjustable elastic type idlers, hanging type idlers, buffer ring type idlers, strong buffer type idlers, etc.;

2. Conveyor self-aligning idlers can be divided into general-purpose cone idlers, spiral idlers, friction reversible idlers, strong idlers, combined idlers, etc.;

3. Conveyor parallel idlers can be divided into ordinary idlers, steel rubber idlers, spiral idlers, comb-type idlers, forward-inclined idlers, etc.;

4. Conveyor grooved idlers can be divided into ordinary idlers, forward inclined idlers, three-chain idlers, reversible idlers, transition idlers, V-type idlers, hanging idlers, and quick-change bearings Type idler, variable groove angle type idler, etc.;

The main function of the idler is to support the conveyor belt and carry the weight of the goods, and the idler must be flexible and stable during the conveying process.

The quality of the idler can be seen from several aspects: the flexibility of the idler, the amount of axial movement, and the amount of radial runout of the idler.

As a small part of the belt conveyor, the idler has a very simple mechanism, but it is not easy to manufacture a high-quality idler, and the quality of the idler and its maintenance are important for the use of the conveyor belt. The time limit is of great significance. Reducing the friction between the idler and the conveyor belt plays an important role in the life of the conveyor belt, which accounts for more than 25% of the total cost of the conveyor.